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7 reasons to love Drupal

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Drupal, the free and open-source content management system (CMS), was created in 1999 by Dries Buytaert at the University of Antwerp. It is widely acclaimed by web developers. With the release of version 8.0 - the one we use - a completely professional and maturely functioning ecosystem is now available to our clients. The international community that supports it is more active than ever before. This is a free professional software platform that allows you to work securely on very diverse projects thanks to its great flexibility. Since its conception, Drupal has been endowed with unique SEO features. In fact, its very architecture makes it a catalyst for innovation, affording unique user experiences. To further convince you, Marvil56 presents 7 good reasons to love Drupal.

1. An engaged and inventive international community

With a community of more than 630,000 members, Drupal is a CMS (Content Management System) that is in continual technological evolution. Its developers are constantly listening to users who are always commenting and offering feedback. The great strength of this open-source project lies in the ability of its developer community to propose a new version that is then revised and updated in just a few months. This brings with it the guarantee of being able to benefit from the latest technological innovations, especially those which afford real added value for the end user. The quality and speed of the support offered constitute part of the benefits provided by this very engaged community.

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2. A professional and free software

Like most of its rivals, Drupal is a free software platform. However, it is important to bear in mind the hidden costs of using a CMS. A budget can easily explode when one has to resort to many extensions designed by third parties. Hosting costs are not to be forgotten about either. Drupal is definitely the best performing CMS in its category, however. Implemented by web development specialists, it saves you time and money because its use is widely recognised as being fully optimised for professional development applications.

3. Work reliably and securely

It can never be said often enough that the security and reliability of a website are the two pillars on which both its developers and its users most rely. Despite the fact that many security and infallibility measures are the responsibility of the host, it is necessary that the CMS which is deployed on its servers is properly adapted. Drupal is certainly the most reliable and secure CMS ever in this regard. Once a bug is highlighted, it is immediately corrected by the community. The platform offers specialist modules that automatically generate security reports to help maintain each site's inviolability.

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4. A great degree of flexibility to adapt to your needs

Flexibility, or the ability to build fully tailored sites, is inherent in CMS. The core of the system, which handles data management and component orchestration tasks, is completely dissociated from presentation and ergonomics services. All of these distinct tasks can be tailor-made by specialists and those requiring the most advanced skills can even be outsourced. This is a real benefit for both developers and their users. After all, they all have very different needs and must be able to adapt the content management system to their specific project objectives. Drupal stands out as the most adaptable CMS since it was conceived. Not only does it have many customizable options, but all of its files are editable as well. To this, we'd simply like to add that its ecosystem is very dynamic with over 40,000 additional modules and more than 2,600 available themes.

5. SEO is in its DNA

For most website operators, search engine optimization, or SEO, is their main concern. Indeed, recognition by search engines remains the main source of inbound traffic. It is, therefore, necessary that the CMS facilitates the comprehension of its content, especially by Google. Drupal integrates best practices for SEO natively. We can even say that they are part of its 'genes'. Pages load very fast. This is one of the requirements to enjoy good Google visibility. In fact, Drupal has all the modules dedicated to SEO you might need, and it can be used perfectly on smartphones.

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6. Resolutely oriented towards innovation

The open-source nature of Drupal puts it at the forefront of applications that are in line with today's market and that of tomorrow. Its integrated collaborative tools allow for large-scale developments. Indeed, the software has an inherently scalable character. Whatever the complexity of your sites, they can easily expand or be altered. The performance will remain the same regardless of the number of pages you need to display or the number of users who happen to be connected. These two capabilities are essential for innovative sites if they are to afford high growth potential.

7. A unique user experience

Drupal allows you to create a uniquely tailored user experience. Although considered the most technically advanced system, it is easy to use. As such, complex and large sites can be efficiently set up while placing the emphasis on a simple and intuitive user experience. It is especially adapted to highlight the content to be shown as well as supporting the visual identity sought by customers. Many languages are supported by Drupal and multisite management is fully integrated.

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An exceptional tool

Marvil56 is particularly fond of Drupal for its ability to be used in the development of a wide variety of projects including institutional, community, personal blogging and news sites. It makes it possible to manage workgroups through the deployment of collaborative sites that include discussion forums, announcements, event calendars and more. If you want to know more about Drupal, or just want to take advantage of our web experience, then do not hesitate to contact our sales and strategy team in Geneva.